Loyalty Rewards Reimagined

Earn rewards points for listening to the radio, engaging our content or using our mobile apps. Redeem your points for cash, gift cards or to shop in our online marketplace.

Listen for Points

Tune in and listen to Point Spread Radio or any podcast produced by Point Spread Media and earn points every 15 minutes.

Read for Points

Earn points each time you engage our content by reading, rating and commenting on articles appearing on our websites.

On the Go...

Download and interact with any mobile apps created by Point Spread Media and earn rewards points on the go.


Rewarding Your Loyalty & Participation...
Because It's The Right Thing To Do!

The average person is inundated with an overwhelming amount of commercial advertising. Media companies and advertising agencies make a substantial amount of money from this advertising, yet the person on the receiving end receives nothing. That hardly seems fair to us. After all, your time and attention are being given, and that time has value.

We set up Point Spread Rewards as a way of rewarding your loyalty and participation. We understand that without you, we would have no business, and we are happy to use Point Spread Rewards as a platform to distribute a significant portion of our revenue directly to those who bring our vision to life. Thank you for the role you play in our vision.



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